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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

I am back! with Boro!

Its been some time since I last posted on here!!!
Mainly due to making stock for a fair in March and then I went to Flame Off at the begining of April!
Flame off was reason I have been busy since..............  I have got addicted to Boro (boroscilicate glass - Pyrex is the trade name). To work this I have had to upgrade my set up with a bigger torch. I now have a Midrange plus with minor and another oxycon!
Here are some of my early practice efforts :- Marbles pendants and some sculptural pieces!

I am slowly getting better and trying new things? Such asWine bottle stoppers and  Dragon's head pendants:-
First ever Dragons head pendant.... Too big!!!!!!!

Wine bottle stopper

Wine bottle stopper

Wine bottle stopper

And the latest are three Dragon pendants:-

Blue dragon pendant

Bronze dragon pendant

Red dragon pendant

And shortly I am off for a class with Jan Ridgen-Clay  a fantastic marble maker and boro worker!!!!
So hopefully in the future i will be getting better!!

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