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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow Snow Snow!

Haven't been on the blog for a while so as I can't go out because of the SNOW!, I thought I would add a note to the blog.

The birds are having a problem as there is about 4-5 inches on the bird tables and birdbath and it has drifted to about 8 - 10 inches at the side of the house. ........ I have been out in the garden and cleared a patch on the garden and put seed out for them, but that's as far as I am going!

Black bird looking for food

I have eventually managed to buy myself a leaf masher, seems to have been in short supply every where,? So have been playing with amber and some striking red glass, as well as with striking orange, and got some nice effects!

Striking Orange

Mixed light and dark amber

Light amber/striking red mixed

Light amber and striking orange
(this one cracked so now in the garden)
These will made good pendants on their own as the loops will fit most chains/strings etc, and are available on my Etsy shop now.

As well as the leaves, I have been making some earrings and hearts for valentines day! also available now in my shop :-

Transparent blue and raised white dots

Daffodil yellow small pillow earring

Green and rubino roses

Pink heart bead set and 2 suitable for earrings

Blue heart and spacers with rubino roses

Bluestone and frit on ivory base

Ivory base and raised dots and silver ivory stringer

Blue filigrano hearts and spacers

Three yellow and purple frit buttons

Landscape bead

Ribbed Appletini

Red hearts

Then I thought I would made some eye beads!!!!!

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