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Monday, 12 September 2011

Red Dragon Lampwork

Red Dragon Lampwork is my trading name for my lampwork beads and hand made Jewellery,  most of my beads are for jewellery makers to incorporate into their own designs but I do make up some of my own into necklaces, pendants earrings and ring toppers. as well as using semi precious stones and precious metals, so here is a selection of my work:-

Silver Glass (not a very good pic)

Selection of hearts
Organic focal  plus spacer bead on bead bar 

Ivory over black

Shank buttons

Implosion beads with spacers

Etched focal lentil and two smaller lentils

Etched beach bead lentil set
Etched summer lentil set

Rainbow mixture

Snake eyes bead set

Gone dotty

Universe focal lentil and matching donut beads with silvered ivory

Caribbean sea set of focal and matching donut beads

Silvered glass over pink base beads

Pink swirls

Pink discs and donut spacers

Strawberry bag charm/scissor keeper

Green and white wigglys lampwork beads with milky jade and silvered spacers on suede necklace

Tiger  big hole bead on a Kumihimo braided necklace

Blue summer time pendant on chain

Red planet beach lentil 28mm on chain

3 bead pendant with silvered spacers

Lapis lazuli ovals with flourite and rosy quartz rounds on wirework and chain

Rosy quartz with flourite and aquamarine rounds

Milky Jade rounds and sterling silver earring wires

Shell chunk floating neecklace

Ring topper - red/green over base black on sterling silver adjustable ring

Ring topper  spotty dog!

Silvered ivory over cobalt glass donut beads

Unfortunately my photo flood bulb has blown so had to resort to some daylight craft bulbs for the pics so not all the colours are true to life???????

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