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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Beads And more Beads

I have been busy for the past week, after getting back from Sally's.  I ordered a kiln from Tuffnells, and it duly arrived from Cherry Heaven direct, but when I went to use it, it blew the house fuse (or at least tripped the RCD), so I was not well pleased , and when I spoke to Martin at Tuffnells he said Rob from Cherry Heaven would sort it out........ It turned out Rob was out of the country.......... !! Booooo.....
But Martin managed to get in touch with him and then after an e-mail conversation between myself and Rob,  I ended up taking the back off the kiln, and lo and behold there was a loose wire!   Hooray!!!!
Once I had put it back on we had lift off............... and I haven't stopped since...... well almost!
This is my first firing of all the decent beads I have done so far............

Here are a couple of beads I have done since getting the kiln.
These tube wave beads are from a tutorial I found on Frit happens forum!

Green wave ....... !

Amber with black wave on ivory

Mini focal  using my almost silver
 .. silvered ivory stringer and black
with blue.

Green over green and a home made murrini!

 Silvered! ivory with blue again

During the week before I went to Sally's, we had High winds and thanks to my neighbour he let me know the felt was lifting and ripping on the shedio........ so with some battens nails and silicone  I managed to fix it all down, albeit temporarily............ So today I have been on the roof of the shed laying new felt and sealing it down . I am a little warm and a bit cream crackered!   It now has three layers of felt, the layer that ripped was quite new only about six months old, so it should be well and truly waterproof now.

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