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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Glass Withdrawl .........

I haven't touched any glass or my torch since Sunday!

On the other hand I have a very good reason as we have been to London to see Chris De Burgh in concert at the Royal Albert Hall last Monday!
It was probably the best concert we have been to.  The atmosphere in the hall was electric, and he was on stage for about 3hrs, with a 20 min break.

We had a couple of nights in London, and spent Tuesday visiting St Pauls, as I had never been there, and Dianne's last visit to it was as a child with her mother.

We both made it to the Whispering Gallery, but as it was school hols, there were hundreds of kids of all ages from very young kids up to teenagers! So it was impossible to "test " the whispering gallery!
So I braved the extra few steps alone up to the Stone Gallery (129 extra steps!!) and took a few photos, but decided not to go all the way up to the Golden Gallery on the top as there were about 30/40 teenagers from a mixture of european countries in front of me so I gave up and came back down.

(my legs knew I'd been up a few steps, even now!)
Then a little bit of retail therapy down Oxford Street and  took in Regent Street with half the flags up across the street ready for the Wedding! They looked better than in the paper!

And so back to reality at home today, and back to trying to get my workshop in order to do more glass!

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