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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Glass Glass And More Glass!

I think I've got the bug!
Since coming home from Flame Off 2011 at Towcester last week, I couldn't wait to get stuck in, so as my workshop is not ready yet(I have been promising Dianne I would sort the shed out  for some time ....???) so now I have to do it!
But until then I have been allowed to use the dining room table, suitably protected and covered with a board and spare floor tiles left over from the living room fireplace!

I have also found a very good Forum for glass addicts!  Frit Happens!  Seems like most of those on the site are mad.... about glass as well! .... so I should fit right in!

At Flame Off I bought the book Passing the Flame by Corina Tettinger, which from what I can see on various sites, mainly US, is the bible on lampwork! Its a very good book........!

I tried to make the Frog from her book..... The frog looks a bit like one, but the bead its on cracked, but Dianne decided she wanted it anyway so out came the super glue, it is now stuck on a stick as an ornament on her work table!

My first attempts at making beads led to quite a few cracking, but after reading some tips and hints on the forum I seem to have reduced the number of beads cracking, so I may be getting better? One reason is  I'm using Japanese ceramic beads now instead of vermiculite to anneal the beads as I don't have a kiln yet!!
Here are a selection of what I have made, most look like beads.  I have just got to get them round every time and not lopsided now!

From the forum, tutorials on making Critters came the following attempts ........
the Cat? is with apologies to Afina,  and the Penguins are courtesy of Madpup

I haven't got my size of spots right yet

First ever Penguin!

2nd Attempt

3rd attempt!

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