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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Flame Off 2011

Yesterday, Dianne and I went to the Flame Off 2011 event at Towcester racecourse. It was organised by Tufnell Glass, who I must say did a very good job and I was very impressed with the organisation etc.
I thought it best to go to the show and see if I liked Lampworking before spending out on the kit?
Well I think I spent about 3 hours actually playing with glass and fire........!
I would like to thank the lad from World Of Beads whose name I have forgotten (I hope he will forgive me... a senior moment) who was looking after us novices on the initial table (torch with just lpg gas) and then on to the hotter better torch (more control of the flame using lpg and oxygen)

First attempt at making a bead

Pretending I know what I'm doing?
 On the Photos of me taken by Dianne, the red band on the left wrist denotes.... Danger novice at play........ have to be supervised!
Here are the beads that I managed to make, the small blue one was the first.... its only about 10mm but at least it's round.

My first ever bead

Getting clever and encasing opaque with clear glass in the first 4!

trying to add dots!!
I decided after playing and then watching one of the demos in the theatre that I would give it a go, so spent my pennies on a Lampworking kit and a load of glass rods and some tools, so look out for my efforts in future as long as I don't burn my workshop shed down!!!!
If things work out the next thing is a kiln, and then who knows what will happen........!? Stay tuned for further announcements...!!!

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