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Sunday, 20 March 2011

New Pub in March

We have a new JD Weatherspoons Pub called The Hippodrome,  opening on Tuesday just down the road, in fact it could become my "local".
Yesterday, Saturday 19th, was a preview day and training day for their staff, for which they sent out invites via local tradesmen and shops, so I dutifully went along ,(it was Dianne's ticket , but she was working.... shame!). There was a free drink from the bar, a free meal from the main meal menu, and a free cup of tea or coffee, so I couldn't pass that up!

Bar with the proscenium arch behind with a Fenland mural 
depicting historical highlights of the Fens and March.

View from the foyer door, balcony above and
an old fashioned projector to the right!

Weatherspoons have converted the old local cinema , The Hippodrome, and they have done a very good job. I never went in it when it was a cinema but comments I heard yesterday from others who had, seem like they have kept the essence of the old cinema. They have levelled the floor, but kept the balcony (no access to the balcony), and put the bar in front of what was the screen and stage. As you can see from the phone camera photos , they have maintained the cinema theme throughout, and if you look carefully you can even see Statler and Waldorf peering over the balcony at the bar!

Left hand side of bar with two onlookers from the balcony!

Right hand side of bar.

They have a selection of real ales as well as the usual "fizzy" lagers and beers, so I had an Abbots Ale, very nice, with my Plaice and chips and garden peas, which went down so well that I could be making a habit of visiting this establishment in the future

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