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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

More FP!

My wife Dianne still hasn't had the time to play with the FP I bought her for Christmas, She's been busy with her card challenges and she has been recovering from the Flu! but,  as I have used a fair bit of the kit, I have had to replenish it...... but then I have used it again.....?
I think I have found something to occupy myself with in my retirement!

I used to do a lot with Fimo years ago when we both dabbled in Dolls houses and accessories. We still have 2 Dolls houses at home that I made for my wife. I used to make a lot of Fimo fruit and veg and had a go at making dolls as well, and still have quite a bit of fimo in a box, so might resurrect it and try and use it for making jewellery as well as using the FP.

FP pressed into gold coloured plated backs and baille from artemboss brass.
  These pendants and earring are what I have made, again, I think I am getting better?
Both sets of FP have been sealed and covered with Sakura 3D Crystal Lacquer.

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  1. I think you bought this for yourself!!