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Saturday, 25 September 2010

New Patio!

Our patio and the back /side of our house was looking a little sad. The last time I did anything to it was about 15 years ago when my back could stand the digging and cement mixing.
So we decided to have it "improved", so looked around and a friend suggested we look at "Creative Concrete", they had a path done and were very pleased with it?
Here's the before and after pics of the side and back of the house.

And while we were having the back done, we decided to have the side path and the front of the house done as well!

Here's the front, only the after pics though. Very pleased with the outcome.

Just have to fill in the edges with some white cotswold stone chips to provide a bit of contrast between the house and the concrete and to provide extra drainage.
The front can been used to park the car on now if I knock the wall down and get the kerb lowered!