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Monday, 23 August 2010

More for the Store Cupboard

If you have seen Dianne's blog then you will know that we went out gathering fruit from the "Hedgerow" yesterday.
Although I went and picked up a few Yellow plums on Saturday after I had been told about them!
So I boiled those and strained them overnight and made about 3lb of jelly on Sunday

Yellow Plum Jelly
So yesterday evening and today I have been trying to convert some of this Bounty into Jams and Chutneys for the store cupboard!
Yellow Plum Jam

We managed to get some Yellow and Red Plums , they were only small but very sweet so I used the yellow plums in Jam and Jelly and the Red ones in some Plum chutney, and I still have some left over, which I havent decide what to do with yet!

Plum Chutney
I had some Blackberries left over from our garden last year which I had frozen, and as I hadn't used them all , I turned those last few into Blackberry and Apple Jelly last week!

Full Jar of Blackberry and Apple Jelly
I made about 3 1/2 lb  but the 1/2 lb didnt last long...................................?

Empty jar of Blackberry and Apple Jelly!!!!

We  picked some Elderberries as well so I tried to make some Elderberry and Blackberry Jam, ........... but ...... that was a disaster...... I tried to make the jam seedless, but there didn't seem to be much juice left after I had strained the pulp through a seive, so just used the equivalent sugar for the amount of juice, but all I got was a jam that went from runny to solid with no proper set in between.... Oh well you win some and you loose some.
Still have about 2 kg of Blackberries left and just over 1 kg of red plums so will have to decide what to do with them soon?

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