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Friday, 16 July 2010

Friday the 13th????????

Been home from our hols nearly a week now and still trying to sort out the garden and greenhouse which has gone wild in just a week away! 
Today started  as if it was Friday the 13th............. First I went to make some bread in our trusty bread maker, but the digital scales refused to work, even after changing the battery!  They were about 5-6 years old. So decided to make some Parmesan and sun dried tomato rolls from a pre mix packet. In the meantime its was off to Argos to get a new set of scales. The rolls were duly make and put in the oven on a small non stick baking sheet!...... Yes they stuck to the baking sheet!!
Went to make a couple of cappuccinos while the rolls were baking and had a disaster with the milk frother, and it went everywhere............
Later on this morning while using the Craft Robo cutting machine to cut out some flowers for Dianne's card making and scrap booking the machine insisted on tearing the paper up until I changed the carrier sheet.
And I still have to water the garden as it hasn't rained enough to do any good, although it has been blowing a gale and the wind has broken off a couple of branches of our buddleia
So roll on tomorrow ........ I am off to watch the T20 cricket match and have a brandy!

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