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Saturday, 31 August 2013

I have decided to open a new blog just for my lampworking, so if you want to see that then go to Red dragon lampworking blog on blogger.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

I am back! with Boro!

Its been some time since I last posted on here!!!
Mainly due to making stock for a fair in March and then I went to Flame Off at the begining of April!
Flame off was reason I have been busy since..............  I have got addicted to Boro (boroscilicate glass - Pyrex is the trade name). To work this I have had to upgrade my set up with a bigger torch. I now have a Midrange plus with minor and another oxycon!
Here are some of my early practice efforts :- Marbles pendants and some sculptural pieces!

I am slowly getting better and trying new things? Such asWine bottle stoppers and  Dragon's head pendants:-
First ever Dragons head pendant.... Too big!!!!!!!

Wine bottle stopper

Wine bottle stopper

Wine bottle stopper

And the latest are three Dragon pendants:-

Blue dragon pendant

Bronze dragon pendant

Red dragon pendant

And shortly I am off for a class with Jan Ridgen-Clay  a fantastic marble maker and boro worker!!!!
So hopefully in the future i will be getting better!!

Monday, 12 March 2012

More new visitors

And yet more new visitors to our garden.  I have heard them singing and seen them up on aerials but never seen them in our garden.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Unusual Visitors!

We feed the birds in our garden throughout the winter, and get the usual mix of Sparrows,Blackbirds,Robins,a couple of Dunnocks, and the ubiqitous Starlings along with Collard Doves.
But for the past month or so we have been getting some unusual, for us, visitors to our garden. they are Reed Buntings, a small flock of about seven, looks like 4 males and 3 females.

Female Reed Bunting

Male Reed Bunting
 I am quite pleased with these photos as they were taken with my new camera a nikon L120, which has improved my photos of my beads and I took this shot of the full moon on 7/3/2012.

And these are the latest focal beads from my kiln today.

Swirls of silver glass

Silver glass and murrini

First attempt at Welsh Dragon

First attempt at a Fox with base bead of encased silver foil 

Green Bear for Beads of Courage

Mix of silver glass in a very chunky focal bead

Oh and if you like handmade items, check out the latest facebook page on handmade crafters in the uk:-

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Soon be Mothers Day

Some of my latest offerings from the torch that have made it to my Etsy shop in time for Mothers Day:-

Red/White Dotty Lampwork Bracelet (7")

A selection of "Goddess Beads"

The "Pet Pebbles" and Bears were done for fun and some of them will be given to "Beads of Courage" .......... I aim to string 1metre of beads to give to the BoC at the Flame Off in April
Some have already been claimed by Dianne!